We are Naija Jollof

We don’t just make food we make people’s days. Naija Jollof was built on the belief that food should be special, and we carry that belief into everything we do.

“We cook our food with Love, and is why it’s authentic. Lots of people leave Africa and their first thought is if there will be their own kind of food in North America. Our goal is to make “Naija Jollof Toronto” Our Own African Mc donald, and I know we will.

My name is BEAUTY Obasuyi I’m the founder of Naija Jollof. I was born and raised in Nigeria. I started cooking at a very early age. I have been active in the professional sector of business as a Real estate Agent for almost a decade now.

I moved to Canada in November 2009 as a refugee with My son and was 7 months pregnant. I have lived in shelters, government housing and have being through the system in all ways and I can guarantee you that if you want a higher seat, It requires lots and lots of work.

In Dec 2018 , I started Naija Jollof at Westwood mall-food court and was immediate success… Our goal is to take it all over North America and America

" Never be discouraged to take the first step. There's always a starting point in life. Achievers are people that took a step even where others were scared to after all, The future belongs to those who Believe in the Beauty of their dreams"

BEAUTY Obasuyi

Our Story

A professional Realtor, mom of three and a very proud Benin Lady from Nigeria.

I am Passionate about cooking. Missing home a lot and wanted to create something that is home away from home.  When you miss your parent meals, just drive to any of our convenient locations and you will feel like home immediately.

I created what I was missing and wasn’t greedy to be the customer so I invited friends that became family and there was the birth of Naija Jollof Restaurant on December 1, 2018 inside Westwood Mall Mississauga, Canada.

Founder of Naija Jollof Restaurants.

Authentic African Nigerian Cuisine

Naija Jollof is your go-to place for delicious, healthy and affordable African-inspired dishes available for takeout every day of the week.

We use local fresh ingredients and time-honored, traditional recipes to make African food and other favorites. We serve it all with a smile on our faces and a hug when you need one.

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Nigeria has one of the best cuisines in the world which comprises cultural dishes and food items that are obtained from the numerous ethnic group that makes up the country (Nigeria). Nigeria cuisine like those of other West African countries such as Ghana and the Benin Republic contains spices and herbs alongside palm or groundnut oil to produce deeply-flavored sauces and soups with an enticing aroma

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Come & Enjoy Tasty, Delicious Nigerian Dishes & Snacks in a serene and family-friendly environment. Explore our menu with a great variety of Nigeria dishes and snacks