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    Welcome to Naija Jollof

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    Welcome to Naija Jollof

    A taste of authentic African Cuisine

Authentic African Nigerian Cuisine

A Canadian Restaurant serving authentic African/Nigerian cuisine with a variety of dishes from Jollof rice, asun, goat meat, akara, roasted plantain with red sauce, pounded yams to pepper soup and beef stew, are the classic Nigerian dishes everyone need to try

We've Done it

It's official - we have delivery!

You can now order delivery directly from your nearest Naija Jollof

We cater to all your Naija Dishes

Naija Jollof is relatively new, having opened in 2018, but quickly established itself as a culinary mainstay, not just for its food but for the love of feeding those in need of a hot meal throughout the pandemic.

Nigerian food that makes you wanting to come back for more

As a West African country with a wide variety of ethnic communities, Nigeria has a Rich Culinary Tradition.

What's Hot

Get to know a few of our favorites.


Chicken Stew

Fried Rice